Cal is ready to hit this season, judging from this cracked and busted helmet

Who says there's no hitting in the Pac-12? It's just the first days of spring football practice at Cal, and they're apparently getting after it pretty good already.

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The above photo, with the divot taken out of a helmet, was posted by Cal's football equipment staff on Twitter.

Um, wow. Broken facemasks happen here and there, but can honestly say we don't remember seeing an entire piece of a helmet break off because of a hit.

Just to add some authenticity, the equipment staff tweeted out a second picture of the ruined helmet from another angle:

We couldn't find any practice reports of "the collision" that the equipment staff tweeted about, but if this did in fact happen during practice we hope whoever had their head in this helmet is OK.

If nothing else, now you know what the inside of a football helmet looks like, from the outside looking in.

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UPDATE: has the details from the spring practice update, and informed us fullback Lucas Gingold was the one whose helmet was decimated when he "'accidentally' ran over defensive back Jordan Morgan in 11-on-11 half-pads yesterday at practice":

Cal running backs coach Pierre Ingram did his post-practice interview holding a little souvenir from Lucas Gingold: a helmet with a grapefruit-sized hole in the top of it. "They got called out by the head coach and the offensive coordinator," Ingram told of the running back unit. "Gingold responded." The junior fullback was an absolute monster in the backfield, bouncing off tacklers and through them, including a hello-nice-to-meet-you encounter with defensive back Jordan Morgan that left Morgan on the ground for a brief second. "Yeah people say you don't use a fullback in a spread, well we will."

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