C-USA announces UAB will remain a member of its conference

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UAB’s status as a member of Conference USA is secure.

In a statement Thursday, Conference USA announced it would not take any action against UAB now that it has reinstated football. That means all Blazers sports get to keep their spot in the conference even though football is not likely to field a team until 2017, according to athletic director Mark Ingram.

"In light of UAB's decision to reinstate football, the board took no action to affect UAB's membership status in the conference," C-USA said in a statement. "At its fall meeting, the Board expects UAB to submit for review a comprehensive plan addressing the key elements of UAB's football program going forward. No additional action from the Board is expected until that time."

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UAB’s status with the conference was in jeopardy if Blazers didn’t reinstate its football program. Conference bylaws mandate its members have an FBS-level football program or be in the process of working toward one.

Ingram told AL.com that the Blazers might not take the field again until 2017 because the university wants to lay the right foundation for the future success of the program. That foundation would include revamping UAB’s depleted roster and renovating the facilities and coaches offices. There’s also a desire to build a new stadium, but that project will take more money than UAB currently has pledged.

Conference USA commissioner Britton Banowsky endorsed UAB taking a more methodical approach to bringing its football program back if it meant sustained success.

Conference USA will help UAB in terms of working with the NCAA to get the roster back to a place that will allow UAB to compete on the FBS level.

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