BYU fans throw trash at officials following the 20-13 loss to Utah (Video)

Dr. Saturday

The Holy War between Utah and BYU is wrought with history – bad history.

Players have fought with fans, fans have taunted families of coaches and players, players and coaches have had choice words for the other side. After Saturday’s 20-13 Utah win, the rivalry hit another low as BYU fans screamed choice words at and pelted officials with trash as they walked off the field to their locker room.

Like any rivalry game, the losing side felt like they were cheated, but that doesn’t excuse the behavior. All it does is make BYU look bad.

In the infancy of this rivalry, it was suspended because of a brawl. And while this isn’t near that level, it’s probably a good thing these two teams are taking a break for the next few years. This rivalry seems to bring out the worst in both sides.

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