Bryce Petty flips head-over-heels into the end zone much to his mother’s horror (GIF)

Baylor quarterback Bryce Petty probably owes his mother a hug.

With about 3 minutes remaining in the first half of the Fiesta Bowl against UCF, Petty ran the ball 13 yards and then went head-over-heels as he was hit at the goal line. He landed on his side in the end zone for a Baylor score.

And while Petty and his teammates were thrilled, Petty’s mother, Dena, wasn't. She watched horrified as her son went flying through the air. She covered her eyes as he landed and breathed a sigh of relief after he got up to celebrate with teammates.

Petty wasn’t much of a rusher coming into this season, but added that facet to his game. He had 11 rushing touchdowns coming into the game, but many of them, including one earlier in the Fiesta Bowl, had come from the goal line.

Dena seemingly anticipated the hit, but it was probably a little more violent than she was expecting. Meanwhile, Petty’s father, Todd, simply applauded his son’s gutty effort.

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