Brutus Buckeye gets to run a play in an Ohio State practice and gets JACKED UP!

Man, we love this video. It probably wasn't fun for the poor schmoe in the Brutus Buckeye costume and it'll probably end up as part of a concussion lawsuit some day like "NFL Rocks" has, but for the moment let's just savor the beauty and hilarity of a mascot getting absolutely smashed during a lighthearted play by a college linebacker at full speed.

It was Student Appreciation Day at Ohio State, something Urban Meyer seems to be turning into an annual tradition during spring practice. And as a fun thing, Brutus Buckeye got a chance to take a snap, no doubt figuring that he would be allowed to run downfield for a symbolic touchdown.

Linebacker David Perkins wasn't having that fun-loving stuff. Not on his watch.

Brutus breaks the line of scrimmage when Perkins absolutely crushed him with a perfect form tackle. The ball ejects out, and we wouldn't be surprised if Brutus' spleen did too. Here's what happened, via the Eleven Warriors blog:

Following practice, Perkins said he didn’t mean to hit Brutus so hard. But when a linebacker sees a ball carrier streaking down the field untouched, the juices get flowing.

I think every linebacker ever is giving Perkins a slow clap standing ovation.

Just in case anyone was truly worried, Brutus tweeted out that he's OK (and shared one of the greatest photos ever):

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