Bronco Mendenhall gets challenged by Utah fan, who cowers away when Mendenhall takes him up on it

Dr. Saturday

BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall might not be the most intimidating coach in college football, but he's also not someone you want to mess with.

Yet, some Utah fan -- obviously emboldened by the really sweet white suspenders he was wearing -- decided he wanted to heckle Mendenhall, a former safety and linebacker at Oregon State, on his way off the field after Utah beat BYU. That's when the situation got a little testy, and pretty funny.

Instead of going quietly to the locker room, Mendenhall decided to see what Mr. Suspenders planned to do about it.

Mendenhall stepped towards the Utah heckler, who backed down quickly. Mendenhall's Mike Tyson stare down of the guy is great. We were pretty close to seeing someone go from tough guy to fetal position in record time. Take a look at the fan backtracking:

Here's a basic recap of what happened:

The moral of the story is twofold. One, don't get in Bronco Mendenhall's business. Second, don't go on the field. Fans trying to rush the field caused enough problems with the end of this game. But, if you insist on going on the field, follow one simple rule that will make things a lot better for everyone: Don't be a jerk.

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