Brock Berglund found out about his Kansas dismissal on Twitter


When new Kansas coach Charlie Weis decided to boot six players off the team for various reasons Monday, he didn't even decide to let all of them know.

Backup quarterback Brock Berglund, who spent most of the year fighting a third-degree assault charge in Colorado, told the Lawrence Journal-World that he found out about his dismissal via Twitter.

Berglund, whose highly publicized legal battle in Colorado kept him away from the program for nearly all of the 2011 season, called the Journal-World on Monday evening and said he learned of his dismissal via Twitter. The freshman quarterback who said he will pursue playing options at other schools said he planned to return to Kansas as recently as a week ago but had softened on the idea after learning that his request to contact others to discuss his future had been denied.

KU officials said Berglund sent an email to several people in the KU athletic department at 3:08 p.m. Sunday informing them that he would not be at a mandatory 5 p.m. Sunday team meeting. The fact he missed it was enough for Weis to make the decision for him.

"He was considered dismissed from the team for not attending the mandatory team meeting," a KU spokesperson said of Berglund.

Granted, Bergland was already thinking of leaving, and some outlets are saying that he had already put in his request for transfer Sunday. But who could blame Berglund for wanting out with incoming transfers Dayne Crist (Notre Dame) and Jake Heaps (BYU) expected to commandeer the starting quarterback job for the next three years. Still, the communication breakdown is a little unfortunate. It wouldn't have been too difficult for Weis to pick up his phone and tell Berglund that he was no longer on the team.

Berglund told that he'd release a statement this week regarding his legal troubles. Once those are sorted out, perhaps the former No. 3 player in the state of Colorado can begin his football career elsewhere.

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