A ‘Bring Back Bobby’ banner was hung at Louisville (PHOTO)

Well, there's at least something of a movement for Bobby Petrino to come back to Louisville, even if it's just one person.

A "Bring Back Bobby" banner was hung on the Louisville Student Activities Center on Sunday. That's when Louisville coach Charlie Strong officially became former Louisville coach Charlie Strong as he was announced as Texas' new head coach.

Petrino, the current Western Kentucky coach, was at Louisville from 2003-2006 before he left for the Atlanta Falcons. He was with the Falcons for a portion of the 2007 season for resigning suddenly and became the Arkansas head coach.

While at Louisville, Petrino compiled a 41-9 record though he said that he hadn't met with Auburn about its coaching position when he had actually done so. He was fired at Arkansas in 2012 when following a motorcycle crash, it was discovered that Petrino was having a relationship with a female student and she was hired in the football office. And that Atlanta thing didn't exactly go down very smoothly as he went to Arkansas.

Is Petrino a legitimate candidate at Louisville? We'll see. Athletic director Tom Jurich was there during the Auburn escapade, so he's got first-hand knowledge on how that happened. There's no question that Petrino wins a lot of football games -- his career record is 83-30 in college football -- the question is if Louisville would seriously consider another go-round with Petrino as it heads to the ACC.

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