Bret Bielema trolls old rival Tim Brewster on Twitter

Tim Brewster and Bret Bielema have a history.

The last time we saw the two together, Brewster was yelling at Bielema for running up the score because he tried a two-point conversion when Wisconsin was up 41-16 on Minnesota in 2010.

(As a quick aside, yelling about another team trying to score points is not a good look, any time. Running up the score is a fallacy in a game between two teams from the same conference. You signed up for 60 minutes. Here's the best way to keep the opponent from going for two: Don't let them score the touchdown.)

So Brewster yelled at Bielema, Bielema kind of brushed it off with some bad excuse about going by his conversion chart, people pointed and laughed at a Big Ten coach whining that another Big Ten team was trying to score too many points, Brewster got fired and everyone forgot about the whole brouhaha.

But apparently Bielema, Arkansas' new coach, still hasn't forgotten this little beef, based on his Twitter trolling of Brewster, who is now coaching tight ends at Florida State.

And just in case the joke was lost, in case any Florida State fan thought Bielema was taking a shot at the Seminoles, he made it clear that it was Brewster he was personally talking to:

We're not sure the roots of this personal war other than perhaps general dislike from competing for wins and recruits in the Big Ten (while there is no such thing as "running up the score" between two Big Ten teams, something caused Bielema to go for two), but they obviously run deep. Both men are in different conferences, with different jobs, but the battle still rages on.

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