Brent Musburger muted for saying a not-so-naughty word

During the Alabama-Michigan game on Saturday, analyst Brent Musburger said something so horrible and so outrageous that it not only caused fellow analyst Kirk Herbstreit to lose his composure, but it also caused ABC to mute Musburger's audio for a few seconds.

So what was this horrible thing Musberger said?

He said the word "piss."

-- insert cricket noise here --

Here was the sentence: "Did I miss something, or did you not piss an SEC team to play for a national championship?"

What Musburger meant to say was "pick" and it came out "piss" and the censoring world of ABC — and Herbie — got all sorts of panicky and flustered.

Musburger called it "a Freudian slip" and we can all commence rolling our eyes at the overreaction. Did that really need to be censored? I've heard worse from the little boys riding their bikes by my house.

Muting the mic made things 100 times worse because everyone watching thought Musburger said something that might ultimately result in a nationwide apology. Something like, "$#!^" or "#@(&" or "@%#^ #^$&( @^#&#*$(#)@)@&$^@."

Now that would have been worth censoring!

H/T to Deadspin for the investigative work

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