Brent Musburger introduces himself as Kirk Herbstreit to kick off the BCS National Championship broadcast (Video)

Dr. Saturday

The ESPN BCS National Championship broadcast, led by Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit, got off to a weird, yet hilarious start.

Musburger started the show on Monday night by saying, “Good evening and welcome everybody. I’m Kirk Herbstreit along with Brent Musburger…”

So what exactly happened there? Did Musburger misread the teleprompter and have a "I'm Ron Burgundy?" moment? Was he intentionally trying to get a grin from Herbstreit and the viewers at home? Was it just a simple "senior moment?" Whatever the case, it made for an interesting start to the game between Florida State and Auburn.

Musburger, of course, is a broadcasting legend and at 74 years old he still does an awesome job. He made headlines during last year's Alabama-Notre Dame title game after spotting Katherine Webb in the stands and his mere presence lends the game a certain significance.

Speaking of Webb, the Alabama beauty tweeted a funny observation about Musburger when he was bungling his introductions.

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H/T The Big Lead

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