Braxton Miller isn’t the second coming of Terrelle Pryor, but he assuages some concern for Ohio State

Dr. Saturday

Braxton Miller for Heisman.

There. Get it out of your system. Say it a couple times. Feel better?

Now dial back the enthusiasm. Miller had a nice game in the 37-17 win against Colorado and took some of the panic away from Ohio State faithful who weren't sure whether they were going to have to scour the intramural fields for a new quarterback. But it's still Colorado, a team that ranked 83rd nationally in scoring defense and hadn't won a road game since the Bush years.

But Miller did give hope that Ohio State can still have a great season despite the obstacles it's had to overcome for the past year.

If he can learn to pass.

Despite accounting for 188 yards of total offense, Miller completed just 7-of-16 passes for 110 yards. However, he did toss two touchdowns, which is a major step up for a passing offense that couldn't even get a first down last week.

What made Miller most entertaining was his elusiveness. Several times he appeared to be destined for a sack or lost yardage and he somehow wiggled his way out to either get back to the line of scrimmage or make a positive play. But he also wasn't smart about getting down or scooting out of the way of defenders, who took pleasure in driving him to the ground.

While Miller's passing skills might leave something to be desired, he's a playmaker and in any offense, that's a dangerous weapon to have.

One of the announcers during the Ohio State-Colorado game said the Buckeyes season began Saturday. There's no doubt Miller is the future, but it will be interesting to see how well he performs against Big Ten competition starting next week against Michigan State and really on the road the following week against Nebraska.

Still, Ohio State fans have to feel better about the future of this season than they did a week ago.

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