Brady Hoke says he’d start Devin Gardner over Johnny Manziel (Video)

Dr. Saturday

Man, Johnny Manziel just can't catch a break this week.

Thankfully for him, game day is just a day away. Friday, making an appearance on the Dan Patrick show, when the topic of Manziel came up, Michigan coach Brady Hoke deferred to Devin Gardner, his team's starting quarterback.

When asked to finish the sentence "If Johnny Manziel is your quarterback..." Hoke responded "If Johnny Manziel's our quarterback, he'd probably be playing behind Devin Gardner."

"Devin Gardner, I've got a lot of faith in."

Strong words by the Michigan coach, who again expressed his preference for the Michigan-Notre Dame rivalry to continue. Does Hoke really believe that? Who knows. It's likely a case of coachspeak -- he's sticking up for his starting quarterback after all. But given the things that have been said about Manziel, the defending Heisman Trophy winner, there seems to be a growing segment of people who wouldn't start him under any circumstances.

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