Brady Hoke promises free donuts to Michigan students for noon home games

Having gone to a Big Ten school that enjoyed Friday nights and also enjoy scheduling those awful early Saturday home football games for ESPN's sake, I can say that it sometimes takes a little extra motivation to get to the stadium by kickoff.

Free glazed donuts? Hmmm, tell me more ...

Michigan coach Brady Hoke is reportedly going to offer some incentive to any students that get up early and make those Wolverines games that kick off at noon Eastern time.

Here's the big news, from Michigan athletic media relations intern Laura Raines:

It's probably not the worst time for a goodwill gesture. Michigan's recent changes in the student ticket policy, raising prices for students to $40 per game (is this a good time to repeat that this is a Michigan football program that made $85 million in 2011, $62 million of which was profit, and still raised seat license fees? Perhaps we could discuss how this all benefits the "student-athlete" instead) and changing it from reserved seating to general admission hasn't gone over too well. At least nobody can accuse Michigan of being greedy.

Oh, right, back to the donuts. Can't forget that. Gooey glazed donuts should make students forget about their hangovers and how much they're paying for the tickets for a few hours. All in all, it's a nice gesture by Hoke.

Your move, Urban.

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