Brady Hoke was so happy top running back recruit picked Michigan, he started crying

Michigan landed Rivals' top ranked running back in the 2013 class, Derrick Green. Big day for the Wolverines and coach Brady Hoke. Let's let Green describe the coach's reaction.

“He was real excited,” Green said, according to “I kept him on his toes. But when I told him today he was just astound and actually started crying."

Hold on ... what?

"It was crazy, it was an unbelievable experience," Green said.

Ummm, yeah, we'd say a coach crying over a recruit saying he coming to play for him qualifies as unbelievable.

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We get it though. Recruiting has to turn coaches into a nervous wreck. The Wolverines had to put in a ton of time and effort into Green, who is from Richmond, Va. and is one of four five-star backs listed by Rivals in this class, and there's no consolation prize if he would have picked Auburn or Tennessee, the two other finalists. Hoke and his staff either lands him, or they've flushed countless hours and trips and phone calls and texts down the drain that could have gone to another prospect.

Still, we don't expect a well known coach to get weepy over the whims of a teenager, even if he is 220 pounds and runs the 40-yard dash in 4.4 seconds. Hopefully these will be the last tears Hoke spills over Green while he's at Michigan.

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