Bowling Green linemen dominate a burrito-eating competition (video)

Being a football player means you're usually competitive in everything, including eating.

So when two unsuspecting young men decided to take on Bowling Green junior defensive tackle Ted Ouellet and senior right tackle Jordon Roussos in a Qudoba burrito eating contest, well, they should have known better.

Spoiler alert: This — especially Roussos portion of this contest — is a sight to behold.

By watching the video, the rules are as follows: One person (in this case Ouellet) must finish the entire Qudoba burrito, including all the beans and mess left on the foil, before the next person (Roussos) can begin. Once the second person finishes their burrito and nothing is left in their mouth, they are done.

Ouellet and Roussos appeared to finish this feat in less than 2 minutes.

The two poor guys trying to match Ouellet and Roussos eventually give up. At one point, the guy sitting next to Roussos, who is in the blue shirt with clouds, just looks at him shoveling the burrito into his pie hole and starts laughing.

Not sure what these guy won for this competition — it was judged by a Qudoba employee who had a clipboard (so it must be official) — but at the very least they earned the adoration of their friends and, of course, Dr. Saturday.

Heck, this is the most excited anyone has been about Bowling Green football in a long time. #FalconPride

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