Bowling Green’s DJ Lynch flung punches on a kick return and didn’t get ejected (GIF)

Dr. Saturday

As Bowling Green's BooBoo Gates returned a kickoff for a touchdown to start the third quarter of the Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl against Pitt, his teammate DJ Lynch was swinging in the direction of the man he was blocking.

Lynch was tied up with Pitt's Manasseh Garner and the two were tied up on the ground. As they rose into the camera frame while Gates was sprinting toawards the end zone, Lynch came up throwing punches though the two that were fully visible didn't connect.

Both players were assessed offsetting personal foul penalties -- apparently as dead ball penalties -- and the touchdown to tie the game at 17 stood while neither Lynch nor Garner were ejected. (Throwing a punch is a foul punishable by ejection.) Against Michigan, Ohio State's Dontre Wilson and Marcus Hall were ejected for throwing punches. As he left the field, Hall flipped off the stadium.

And then to add to the bizarre scene, Bowling Green interim coach Adam Scheier was giving Lynch a stern talking to. However, after the penalties were announced and the touchdown stood, Scheier galloped down the sideline and gestured to the Bowling Green fans to get excited.

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