Boise State: No regrets on final drive vs. TCU – except missing the kick

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Boise Sate coach Chris Petersen said he wouldn't change anything about the way the Broncos played their final possession in the 36-35 loss to TCU last week.

Well, nothing except making the game-winning field goal.

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After TCU scored on a two-point conversion to make it 36-35, the Broncos got the ball back with 1 minute, 5 seconds remaining and marched 38 yards to get into prime field goal position. Kicker Dan Goodale had only attempted three kicks on the year — made two — but with 3 seconds remaining, coach Chris Petersen felt confident Goodale could make a 39-yard field goal. He was wrong.

"We really felt like if it was about the 20-yard line in the middle we'd have a really good chance to make it," Petersen said. "… All we need to do is get an easy field goal and we win. Make the field goal and we're not even having these conversations."

Special teams coach Jeff Choate wasn't nearly as optimistic. While he said, "my gut told me [Goodale] was going to make it," he wasn't surprised when Goodale missed. And really, can you blame him considering the kicking mishaps that have plagued the Broncos the past few years?

The odd thing was that Choate managed to find a bright side to Goodale's miss, though it's an empty consolation considering all that that miss cost his team.

"I don't think it was a shock to anybody. It didn't blow me away," Choate said. "I wasn't devastated that he missed the field goal. I was proud of the fact that he hit it [well]. He's had some misses this year where he just didn't go after it. That particular kick, he hit it with confidence. The margin for error out there is not very big."{YSP:MORE}

Last season, former kicker Kyle Brotzman said he teared up in the locker room after missing two potential game-winning field goals against Nevada that cost the Broncos a shot at a BCS bowl game. Brotzman also said he got a slew of threatening messages after the game, though many Boise State fans started Facebook pages in support of him.

Choate didn't comment on Goodale's emotions after the game, but said he thought the redshirt freshman would get through it like Brotzman did.

"I don't have any doubts about him handling it properly," Choate said. "The hardest thing he had to do was go to class today, and he did that."

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