Bobby Petrino is interested in Kentucky. Why would anyone be interested in him?

Dr. Saturday

The Courier-Journal talked to Bobby Petrino's father who (surprise!) said that his son would be interested in the Kentucky job. Of course, that supposes that Auburn or Tennessee or whoever doesn't hire him first.

Yahoo! columnist Pat Forde said Kentucky isn't interested in Petrino. We hope that's true, for Kentucky's sake.

This is the problem: Petrino wins games. He's a good football coach. So every devious thing he has done over the past decade -- and really, what more does he need to do at this point to convince people he's a bad guy and a pathological liar? -- will get overlooked by some desperate school.

He'll end up coaching somewhere in the fall, probably at a good job, and it seems like he might land in the SEC. And whatever school decides to hire him will get exactly what's coming to them.

This isn't totally about Jessica Dorrell, though her name should obviously be a big part of whatever sham interview Petrino will go through. Let's jump back to nine years ago, shall we?

Petrino, in his first year at Louisville, with Auburn head coach Tommy Tuberville still employed, secretly met with Auburn about the Tigers' head coaching job. Then Petrino denied it. He tried to deny it when two Courier-Journal reporters, including Forde, approached him with flight records from Auburn's plane. He admitted it only when Auburn 'fessed up.

"I'm a young coach," Petrino said, according to the Montgomery Advertiser. "I made a mistake."

He just didn't learn from that mistake. Let's look at what he told ESPN three months ago about the Dorrell affair and cover-up.

"I've made mistakes and I'm going to be a better person for it," Petrino said.

The only thing that has changed is he's not a young coach anymore. He's older, and not any wiser. If you felt the slightest bit of sympathy for Petrino in that interview, you haven't been paying any attention.

Aside from hiring his mistress and lying about it, the incident that should eliminate him from every school's wish list is when he left the Atlanta Falcons in the middle of the night after just 13 games, to take the Arkansas job. He left the players a note. That's not the only lying Petrino has done. Seriously, he lies like it's his second language, and Forde has done a tremendous job chronicling it all. It's just a startling episode of it. If he's willing to quit on a team and leave a Dear John letter for the players, he'll do the same to whatever school hires him next.

Petrino is a good coach. There's probably another good coach out there that isn't entirely untrustworthy like Petrino is, and one you could actually expect your college-aged players to look up to. Hiring Petrino turns the notion of a college coach leading young men to be successful in all walks of life into a complete joke.

Any school dumb enough to hire Bobby Petrino, given his long track record, deserves whatever bad thing Petrino has in store for them.

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