Bob Stoops shows up to clean up tornado debris, goes unnoticed for half hour

Bob Stoops has been one of the people at the forefront of getting the word out about the help Oklahoma needs to clean up from the devastating tornado that swept through Moore last week.

The Oklahoma coach is not just going on television to talk about Moore and retiring to his living room. Stoops also isn't just going out to the site of the tornado to shake hands and pose for pictures while others do the work.

Stoops was just a regular guy with work gloves on, cleaning up at a site for a half hour before someone noticed it was Bob Stoops.

It's a very classy move by Stoops, who apparently showed up without anyone knowing.

According to tweets from Oklahoma senior associate athletics director/external operations Kenny Mossman, it appears nobody within the athletic department knew he was there either.

Mossman said in an email that an OU faculty member was there, recognized Stoops, snapped the picture on the top of the post and put it on Facebook. It seems that eventually others figured out Stoops was there helping without him giving any indication of who he was, because Stoops can only go so long in Oklahoma without someone recognizing him.

Even though Stoops went to the site without wanting any attention for it, we're glad the word got out. It gives people a good sense of what he is all about.

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