Bob Diaco knows John F. Kennedy's fettuccine alfredo recipe

UConn coach Bob Diaco can make you some presidential pasta.

The coach says he has former President John F. Kennedy's recipe for fettuccine alfredo. Diaco explained how he obtained the recipe in a lengthy Q&A with Sports Illustrated.

It's not mine. And I wasn't there, but the person that told me was one of the greatest, finest men I had met in my life. Jim Hayes, who's a world-renowned lawyer, is a great, great friend. He went to Loras College, a small Jesuit school in Iowa and was president of student body. When JFK was campaigning, doing the Iowa caucus, he did a speech at Loras College. All the finite details, I'm not sure of. But the speech ended and Jim, JFK, the monsignor of the school and another priest find themselves hungry. And there's no place to eat, but they do have access to the cafeteria. JFK says, "You know? How about I cook you guys my Fettuccine Alfredo recipe?" Jim Hayes is taking diligent notes of this moment, and then he taught me.

An Italian kid from Essex County, N.J., all I ever consumed was Italian food. You figure I'll get my fettuccine recipe second-generation from JFK.

Diaco wasn't too revealing with the secrets to the pasta, but did reveal one of the tricks to the secret recipe. If anyone else has any ideas as to what it could be, please let us know because who wouldn't want to recreate a president's pasta recipe?

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There's a couple of things, but I think the main thing to talk about is the Alfredo is made and put together and built structurally with the pasta. You make an Alfredo, you boil the pasta and you incorporate the two. Even if you incorporate the two in a pan rather than pour it into a bowl, it's still separate. This Alfredo is entirely built as the pasta finishes cooking. So, they kind of really cook together. There's one other ingredient that I'll have to leave as a secret.

We also have an idea for UConn's success in 2016. Diaco should cook the pasta for all visiting teams to UConn this season for their pregame meal. They'll likely love the fettuccine so much on Friday night and eat too much. Then on game day, the calories and cream sauce would make them sluggish.


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