Bo knows investigations: Former Auburn star says school is not guilty

Call off the dogs on Auburn, folks. Bo Jackson says there's nothing to see here.

Last week we had a couple of pretty crazy allegations towards Auburn. One was from Selena Roberts and that the 2010 team had grades changed and recruiting violations were made. Then made a claim that there was an "epidemic" of synthetic marijuana use at Auburn.

Well, Roberts' credibility has been attacked since then, which might change your view of the credibility of the story itself, but that probably depends if you're an Auburn fan or not. And the ESPN story has been dissected by numerous outlets to show it was likely exaggerated, sensationalized and doesn't hold up well under scrutiny.

No matter, even if we dismiss the marijuana story as we probably should, the Roopstigo story still should be somewhat worrisome to Auburn fans. Except that Jackson, the 1985 Heisman Trophy winner, has looked into both stories by reading a newspaper story, and he has cleared his alma mater of any wrongdoing.

From the Associated Press:

"I don't even know the kids. I've probably met them. But it seems like to me somebody's fishing, somebody wants some attention, and they aren't getting it," Jackson said. "I actually wouldn't give those accusations the time of day, to be honest with you."

Up next: Vinny Testaverde says Miami is innocent in the Nevin Shaprio case, and Brutus Buckeye says Ohio State got shafted with its NCAA sanctions. And Franco Harris will defend Joe Paterno to anyone who will listen ... OK, that has happened, but you get the point.

We love Bo Jackson. Who doesn't? He's one of the greatest athletes ever. The "30 for 30" on him was tremendous. He's one of the few guys that has two of the greatest throwback jerseys ever. He also has one of the coolest baseball cards ever. He's a legend just from "Tecmo Super Bowl," the greatest video game ever. We'd be happy to rock some old school Bo Jackson Nike cross trainers, too. In just about every way, Bo Jackson is awesome.

But why does Jackson's opinion matter on this story? He says he has no information that the rest of us don't have. And is he going to say Auburn seems guilty and needs to get hammered by the NCAA? This is just a weird news item all around.

Then again, with how bad the NCAA has flubbed the Miami case, maybe we should just let Jackson head up any investigation the NCAA has planned for Auburn. It couldn't be much worse.

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