Betrayed Gator mom wants to change little Spurrier Urban’s middle name

When Urban Meyer decided to take the Ohio State job less than a year after retiring from Florida, many Gator fans were upset with their former coach. But few more so than Jen Wiley, who named her son after Urban because of her and her husband's allegiance to Florida.

Wiley's son, now 4 years old, is actually named Spurrier Urban Wiley, after Florida's two national championship winning coaches — Steve Spurrier and Meyer — but after Meyer's move to the Big Ten, Wiley wants to change her son's middle name.

"My husband and I got married in 1996, when Spurrier won the championships," she said, "and then we conceived in 2006 when Urban Meyer won the championship."

It was a seemingly perfect fit for these Florida fanatics, until now. So mom's ready for a change.

"I want to change his middle name," she said. [...]

Wiley's husband isn't on board with the change, and she said she won't officially change her son's name unless her husband agrees.

If he does, she's thinking Tim after Tim Tebow, the great Gator quarterback who is becoming a star in the NFL.

This is very bitter biscuits on Wiley's part. Raise your hand if you thought Meyer was going to stay retired. Anyone? Anyone? Coaches lie, they change their minds, they switch jobs. The best thing fans can do is not get too emotional and name their kids after them.

If you want to pay homage to your favorite team, name your kids after players. That's usually a safe bet — unless, of course, you named your son Terrelle, Pryor, Cliff or Harris.

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