The best way to lure a recruit, apparently, is to refer to him as a BALLER

The over-the-top recruiting letter from N.C. State started a trend.

N.C. State was at the forefront of the "baller" initiative. Wolfpack director of player personnel Drew Hughes sent a memorable letter that ended with "NC STATE NEEDS = BALLERS. YOU = BALLER."

Aha, Mississippi State thought, that'll work on other recruits too!

So, according to the Instagram account of four-star linebacker recruit Michael Ferns, the Bulldogs tried the old "baller" trick on him. The execution left something to be desired, considering it looks like it was part of a third-grade writing project.

Scribbled on a card, apparently from someone on the Mississippi State staff, was "You're a BALLER." Ferns added a caption: "Ummm ... Thanks Coach."

Let's be honest, doesn't Ferns know he's a baller already? He has committed to Michigan (and come on, we know that doesn't stop other schools from sending letters and calling) and is a top recruit. He probably knew.

We don't know when the note was sent, and it's possible Ferns is playing a prank on us all. I mean, look at the writing on that note. It wouldn't be hard.

But the point of the story is this: If you want to land the top recruits these days, remember to let 'em know they are a baller. That's gold.

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