Behold the orange glory of The Butch Jones Song

Dr. Saturday

Ladies and gentlemen, you know it's almost football time, because SEC fans are channeling their energy into productively, rather than destructively, stupid behavior. To wit: "The Butch Jones Song," honoring Tennessee's brand-spankin'-new head coach. There's so much to love about this video, so let it play as we cycle through its byzantine complexities:

• The idea that coaches write haiku verse about their recruits, which we totally believe.

• The gargled-with-glass voice that is a prerequisite for any coach.

• The somber solo piano, which is, of course, the perfect instrumentation for a rallying anthem.

• The "my wife's out shopping; quick, let's film" setting.

• "Butch Jahwnnnnes...yeah, he's gonna kick your ass, yeah, he's gonna kick your ass" is going to be stuck in your head till the sweet release of death.

• The scarily accurate Bama fan.

• Shower-cam. Nightmare fuel.

• The totally warranted shots at Lane Kiffin, Derek Dooley and Jon Gruden.

• The starter tabs on the fretboard of the guitar.

• Best of all, the fact that "Butch Jones" is maybe one misfiring synapse away from the real Butch Jones:

Bravo, Vol fans. Your move, Bama.

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