BCS Top 50: Best interview moments

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Christopher Wilson
·Senior Writer
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As we count down the best of the BCS, we thought it would be wise to focus on an entertaining aspect of college football that generally takes place off the field: Coaches, players and the occasional administrator interacting with the media.

“I’m a man! I’m 40!”

Really the reason we’re here. Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy was upset about a story written about quarterback Bobby Reid. The results are legendary, although Reid later claimed Gundy was just putting on a show.


Upset with a letter he received about the amount of time Colorado players would have off, head coach Dan Hawkins suggested his team “go play intramurals” if they weren’t up for the rigors of Buffalo football.

“Fat Little Girlfriends”

This entire list could be populated with Mike Leach quotes, but we’ll focus on his remarks following a 2009 loss to Texas A&M, where he discussed competing for his players’ attention versus their – his words, not ours – “fat little girlfriends.”

“I’m hopeful the coach doesn’t dismiss me”

Ohio State president Gordon Gee joked that not only was he not going to fire Jim Tressel, but that his main concern was that the coach would get rid of him. Tressel was forced to resign a few months after the statement, and Gee was forced to retire two years later following a series of controversial jokes were leaked.

Joe Kines would like Alabama to stop the inside trap

With Mike Shula fired and Nick Saban not yet hired, the Tide turned to defensive coordinator Joe Kines to serve as interim head coach. His interview going into halftime was amazing:

“Love it or leave it”

Iowa quarterback Ricky Stanzi was being interviewed after his Hawkeyes’ Orange Bowl victory over Georgia Tech. He is asked such a weird question, but he nails the answer:

“The coaches are screwing it up”

Much like Leach, you could spend a lot of time on John L. Smith’s greatest hits. Here is his reaction after Ohio State blocked a field goal and returned it for a touchdown just before the break:

There is also Smith slapping himself and demanding the media smile.

Bonus Smith: His 2006 loss to Notre Dame resulted in one of the greatest radio meltdowns of all time.

“We don’t need no ‘meows’”

Coastal Carolina coach Dave Bennett submitted without further context:


What are your favorite interview moments from the last 15 years? Share what we missed in the comments.

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