Marijuana possession charges against Baylor receiver Robbie Rhodes will not be pursued

Marijuana possession charges against Baylor receiver Robbie Rhodes will not be pursued

Despite marijuana being found under his seat during a traffic stop last month, misdemeanor possession charges against Baylor sophomore wide receiver Robbie Rhodes will not be pursued by the McLennan County District Attorney, the Waco Tribune is reporting.

Rhodes was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and tampering with physical evidence on May 2 after being stopped by police for not signaling a lane change. The officer smelled marijuana and found 5.8 grams “in a baggie under the front seat.” Rhodes also allegedly tried to hide the drugs, which led to the tampering charge.

According to the Tribune, Rhodes’ attorney, Jonathan Sibley, said that Baylor had been drug-testing Rhodes “for about seven months” and he had not tested positive. After showing those test results, including “a test administered two days before Rhodes was arrested,” Sibley was able to convince the DA’s office that Rhodes, who also tested negative after the arrest, was not guilty.

“Robbie didn’t have anything to do with it,” Sibley said. “Baylor runs a clean program, and it helps that they have been testing Robbie because that helped us present evidence to the district attorney to convince them that he had no connection to this drug activity that they accused him of and arrested him for.”

District Attorney Abel Reyna told the Tribune that after the arrest, his office “received additional, uncontroverted evidence supporting Mr. Rhodes’ claim that he had no knowledge of the drugs located in the vehicle he was operating.”

Rhodes, who is expected to be one of Baylor’s top threats at receiver, had previously been cited for possession of drug paraphernalia.

The 6-foot, 190-pound Rhodes was a Rivals Top 100 recruit (No. 69 overall) in the class of 2013. He caught 10 passes for 157 yards in an injury-plagued true freshman season.

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