Barry Switzer is enjoying his time at New Orleans casinos

Barry Switzer has been on a gambling tear while he's in New Orleans.

The former Oklahoma coach is in the Big Easy for the Sooners' game against Alabama Thursday night in the Sugar Bowl. How much of a winner has Switzer been? We'll let him explain it himself.

So yeah, that must be a lot of cash. After the 1988 season and just before Switzer resigned as Oklahoma coach in 1989, Oklahoma was put on three years probation for violations including a cash payment to a player and a "bidding war" for a recruit. And in 1983 he was charged with insider trading. When asked about his New Year's Eve, Switzer also had this to say.

He's enjoyed fun things to say this season. Earlier this year Switzer congratulated Bob Stoops for beating Iowa State before the game and said that the Sooners would hang 50 points on Oklahoma State. (But hey, Oklahoma did win that game, which got the Sooners to the Sugar Bowl.)

Oh, he also broke out this wonderful coat. Never change, Barry.

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