Bakery Bribery: Northwestern sends Nebraska Big Ten welcome cookies

Utah and Colorado was honored Pac-12 Day; Boise State had an entire page dedicated to it on the Mountain West website.

So what did Nebraska get for its new conference alignment with the Big Ten?


In a touching gesture (single tear), the Northwestern athletic department sent Nebraska's entire athletic staff cookies, each with a logo of a Big Ten school, to welcome the Huskers to their new conference.

Altogether now: "Awwwww!"

Thanks to Nebraska basketball video coordinator Jim Shaw for tweeting the pic.

It's hard to tell from the picture, but these looks like those giant cookie cakes you get from the mall or Old Chicago, enough for everyone to share, which is very economical by Northwestern.

What a nice gesture from the Wildcats and perhaps a preemptive strike to make sure the 'Huskers don't run up the score when the two teams meet in Lincoln on Nov. 5. Wonder if any other team made a similar act? Perhaps Ohio State sent some autographed memorabilia (you had to know that was coming…).

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