Auburn tests out new rolling plan now that Toomer’s trees are gone

Last month, the ailing oak trees at Toomer’s Corner were torn down and now, the City of Auburn is testing out new solutions.

This season, the city will have a temporary rolling plan in place that includes a series of poles and wires shaped like a triangle to give Auburn fans a chance to still participate in an age-old tradition despite the lack of trees.

According The War Eagle Reader, Auburn’s City Manger’s office had a few practice rollings before they set the three concrete polls in place on Wednesday.

The Toomer's oaks had to be removed after officials determined there was no saving them following their poisoning a couple years ago by a rabid Alabama fan Harvey Updyke. Updyke is currently in jail for his crime.

The website said there will be two wires strung between each poll to “maximize drape.”

Obviously, it won’t be the same as rolling a giant oak tree, but this is only a temporary solution. The city does plan to bring oak trees back to Toomer’s Corner.

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