Auburn had 2 simultaneous possession catches on one drive (GIFs)

An Auburn drive in the third quarter of Saturday's game against Alabama had two catches that were ruled completions because of the simultaneous possession rule.

If a receiver and a defensive back both have possession of the football, the tie goes to the offensive player. The first catch, as Auburn was leading 33-27, was by Duke Williams, who held on to the ball for a third-down conversion as he was hit and had his knees bent awkwardly while wrestling with Landon Collins for possession.

The second was crazier. Quan Bray ran a deep route on the sidelines and was covered closely by Bradley Sylve. Sylve was between Bray and the sidelines and as the ball hit Bray's arms and he tumbled out of bounds, Sylve had the ball too.

While you could make the argument that Sylve had more possession than Bray did while Bray's feet were inbounds, the catch was ruled to be simultaneous possession on the field. It was reviewed – almost too late, as Auburn appeared to have run the next play before officials were signaled for the replay – but as you can see, there was no convincing evidence either way to overturn the call on the field.

The possession turned into a field goal for Auburn to make it a 36-27 game.

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