An Auburn fan performed CPR on a Florida State fan on a flight back from the BCS Championship Game

There are some things much more important than holding a grudge after your team loses a championship game.

On a flight back from the BCS Championship Game, which Florida State won 34-31 over Auburn, an Auburn fan gave CPR to a Florida State fan having a heart attack.

Betsy Osborn works as a nurse in the cardiac unit of Huntsville Hospital. Her job skills came in handy when a message came over the intercom of the plane on Tuesday, Jan. 7 asking for any medical professionals.

"The guy needing help was conscious at that time, but he was pale not feeling well," Osborn told Auburn's website. "The pilot came over the intercom and asked if any medical professionals on the plane could head to the back of the plane to assist me. I began to check his vitals and by that time a doctor came from first class and we began talking. He said he looked dehydrated and we might need to give him fluids. This happened in about 10 minutes, and then the pilot called over and asked if he needed to land the plane. We were an hour away from Dallas, and the doctor told the pilot that to be safe we should land the plane. The doctor then left and told me to stay with him.

"We were about to descend and I was sitting in a chair and the guy was on the floor. I looked down and he wasn't breathing, so I got down on my knees and started doing compressions as the flight attendant got the defibrillator while the plane was landing. He lost consciousness for about 30 seconds, came to, and then he went back out on me. I got another pulse after a little longer, and then we were landed and the paramedics took him off the plane."

Osborn said that she didn't know what happened to the man, however, after he was taken off the plane.

She isn't the first fan to help save the life of a rival fan recently. At Michigan Stadium in 2011, Michigan fans administered CPR to a Notre Dame fan in attendance who had a heart attack.

With all of the trash talk that surrounds college football, it can be hard to believe at times that fans of opposing teams would help each other. Thankfully, that's not the case. You'd do the same thing, right?

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