Auburn’s Chris Davis joins elite company with his game-winning return for touchdown

If you saw Auburn’s Chris Davis return Alabama’s missed field goal for a touchdown – and really, at this point everyone has – savor the moment because you witnessed history.

The feat of running back a missed field goal for a touchdown has only been accomplished four other times and three of those have gone for 100-plus yards.

NCAA statistics do not recognize yardage in the end zone, but if it did, Davis’ return would tie Cal’s Don Guest, who had a 109-yard return in 1966.

Here’s is the impressive company Davis joins:
- LSU’s Odell Beckham, 100 yards vs. UAB, Sept. 7, 2013
- Clemson’s Richie Iuzzi, 108 yards vs. Georgia, Sept. 28, 1968
- Cal’s Don Guest, 109 yards vs. Washington, Sept. 17, 1966
- Tennessee’s James Elmore, 95 yards vs. Carson-Newman, Sept. 25, 1926

As you can see, all of the other returns happened early in the season. And it is a little strange that such a rare play has happened twice already this season and both teams were in the SEC.

But most importantly, Davis is the first to have a division title determined on such a pivotal play.

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