The Auburn band’s reaction to the dramatic end to the Iron Bowl is awesome (Video)

Dr. Saturday

The 2013 college football season featured a bevy of phenomenal games. The season has been over for over two weeks now, and while the BCS National Championship finished in fantastic fashion, it was not quite on the level of the conclusion of the 2013 Iron Bowl.

Everyone knows the circumstances by now. Alabama kicker Adam Griffith’s 57-yard field goal attempt fell just short, and Auburn’s Chris Davis returned the kick 109 yards for the game-winning touchdown. The Auburn faithful rushed the field and Tiger fans watching at home rejoiced, but it wasn’t until Tuesday – more than two months after the game – that we get to see the live reaction of the Auburn band.

As the kick falls short, you can see a few flute players up front begin to start playing, thinking that the game was headed toward overtime, but as Davis began his historic sprint, the entire band begins to realize what is happening.

A quick celebration took place before they snapped back into reality and realized they had to play the fight song.

Awesome footage.

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