Auburn uses a private firm to enforce a nightly curfew

Auburn coach Gene Chizik has spent most of the year trying to figure out what's wrong with his Tigers and perhaps one of the things that's been wrong is that his players weren't getting proper rest.

So, Auburn decided to hire a private security firm to enforce player curfews.

You know, like being in jail.

The Montgomery Advertiser is reporting that Auburn has contracted The Event Operations Group, Inc., to help enforce curfews during the week — not the night before a game, the entire week.

"We always do what's in the best interest of our team," Auburn coach Gene Chizik said. "We have a curfew check and we have to employ people to help us with some of the kids off campus. Other than that I'm not going into any details of any of that.

"I've got one focus and that is Georgia. So we got our work cut out for that and be glad to answer any questions about Georgia."

According to the paper, the curfew is 11 p.m. and began following the arrest of center Reese Dismukes for public intoxication on Aug. 25. The private security firm not only monitors the dorms, but also goes to the player's houses to make sure they're in when the clock strikes 11.

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Understandably, several players weren't thrilled about the daily bed check and challenged The Event Operations Group, Inc. Those players had a hearty talking to by Auburn's player development staff. Several players expressed their frustrations on social media sites — especially on Halloween — but many of the messages have since been deleted.

If Chizik, who is on the hot seat thanks to the Tigers' 2-7 record, is trying to endear himself to his players, he has a funny way of showing it. If anything, it's going to give player's more animosity toward the coaching staff and create more problems.

University president Jay Gogue said in a statement a couple weeks ago that the football program would be evaluated. If he talks to any of the players, I'm sure this will be one of the gripes.

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