Attorney of Jameis Winston accuser calls for independent investigation of case

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The attorney for the woman who accused Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston of sexual assault held a press conference Friday morning questioning the overall investigation and accused the Tallahassee Police Department of “an investigation of a rape victim, not an investigation of a rape suspect.”

Winston was not charged for the Dec. 7, 2012 incident after State Attorney Willie Meggs said last week that there was not sufficient evidence to proceed with the case

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The attorney, Patricia Carroll, questioned the TPD's handling of the case and called for the Attorney General to investigate further. Carroll cited inconsistent medical records and stated that detectives did not interview key witnesses in the case. Carroll also said that the Tallahassee PD did not keep her updated on new developments and evidence in the case.

Carroll stated that the accuser and her family are not currently looking to file a civil lawsuit against Winston at the present time, and also said that the problems of the investigation were related to Winston being on the football team.

Carroll said she asked the state to test the accuser’s blood for traces of rape drugs, but the state would not do so.

While Meggs was investigating the case in November, the accuser's family released a statement with questions about the initial investigation. Carroll said Friday that she met with Meggs for "two hours and thirteen minutes" while he was looking into the case.

Carroll also questioned that veracity of the two eye-witness reports because they were both from Winston’s Florida State teammates, calling them “biased.” Those witness statements were part of the state’s decision to dismiss the case.

“I believe that those statements are patently false,” she said.

The conference, held in a park, came just one day before Saturday night Heisman Trophy ceremony in New York where Winston is the clear favorite to win the prestigious award.

Below are the documents that Carroll made available at the press conference:

Press Conference Documents From Victim and Family 12.13.13

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