After attending UCLA game, former Oregon player tells Duck fans to bleep themselves in letter

A former Oregon player was so disheartened after attending Oregon's game against UCLA Saturday that he wrote a letter. And he didn't mince words.

In a letter to the Oregonian, the unidentified former player told fans that they could " go (bleep) themselves" after the behavior of some of the fans surrounding him at the game.

The player had received tickets from a friend and decided to go for the first time as a fan.


After hearing so much ignorant (expletive), I turned around to tell the "fans" to chill the (expletive) out. Marcus had overthrown a receiver on a tough play and the spectator made comment, "Hey, Marcus! Throw it inbounds, dumbass!" in, which I finally had enough, and turned around and asked if he would like to get down there and take Marcus' place. The man responded, "No". Then I asked if we were all still rooting for Oregon, in which he responded in an aggressive, irrelevant and incoherent manner and so I decided to discontinue the conversation I had started with him.

Then there was the money shot on the final paragraph:

I will always love the ducks: my coaches, my teammates, my brothers and family. The rest... Go (expletive) yourselves.

Before passing judgment, the entire letter is available at the link above and is required reading. And after reading the letter, it's very hard not to see why the former player feels the way he does even if you don't agree with his choice of language used to dismiss the type of fans around him.

Ignorant -- and drunk, and a lot of times a mixture of both -- fans are omnipresent (and feel omnipotent) at sporting events and, like the player, the author of this post will cop to countering these "arguments" and comments at times with logic and common sense. While it can be successful, it doesn't always work. Are those type of fans in the majority? Likely not. But as we find out very often, a vocal minority can overshadow a silent majority until that silent majority stops being silent.

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