Ashton Kutcher and other civilians just heard about this Joe Paterno thing

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Joe Paterno's unceremonious exit from Penn State quickly became national news Wednesday night, which meant people with no football knowledge or background on the Jerry Sandusky scandal in State College were given free reign to chime in on our alien subculture, which made for some awkward moments for those of us who both follow college football and have lived with the story for the better part of a week.

The worst big of college ignorance came from the actor Ashton Kutcher, who came to the defense of Paterno without knowing the facts of the firing.

Of course, Kutcher quickly took the tweet down (thanks to all who sent in screenshots) when his 8.2 million followers turned on him and called him some very unsavory and unprintable names.{YSP:MORE}

The problem with Kutcher's ignorance is that he's a self-proclaimed college football fan, who gives a shout out to his beloved Iowa Hawkeyes (he's from Iowa) whenever possible. He's also made appearances at their games. The greater irony, Kutcher and wife Demi Moore actually have a foundation dedicated to the fight against child exploitation.

Yeah, really.

Once Kutcher actually took the time to learn about Jerry Sandusky, he quickly crawled back into his Twitter hole and promised to stop tweeting.

We can all only hope he follows through.

Another embarrassing moment came from CNN anchor Isha Sesay, who, I must say, did a fine job of anchoring the story and asked good questions until she asked CNN correspondent Jason Carroll, "Do you know when the next college football game with the Nitt-a-ny Lions is to take place?"

In all fairness, Sesay doesn't work for a sports network. I'm sure had this story had something to do with the British phone hacking scandal, she would have been all over it. And really, for non-sports fans in the audience, even something as obvious (and easily researched) as Penn State's upcoming game with Nebraska is probably a fair question.

But while it's easy to excuse Sesay's gaffe, it doesn't even come close to Kutcher's.

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