Art Briles wants you to ‘come and get some’ when it comes to Baylor’s new uniforms (Video)

Baylor introduced its new uniforms back in March and again in April and this month, the Bears have decided to set their uniforms to music.

Coach Art Briles tweeted out the video with the pitch: “It's happening at BU - come and get you some!!”

And this would be all well and good if Baylor had used a different song to hype up their new threads. The video uses “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons. A fine song, but it starts off so slowly that I feel like Briles is saying, “Come get you some…. Zzzzz…” In Baylor’s defense, the song does get faster and it has great lyrics.

But this is the same coach who, when spring football started, claimed: “Baylor boyz fixin to be turnt up for spring ball on Friday!”

The song referenced in that tweet was “All The Way Turnt Up” by Roscoe Dash, which made Briles seem hip and cool. That could have been a good Baylor anthem. You know, give the kids something that will make them jump up and down and start sharing candy and stuff.

Maybe Briles needs to take over as music director for his marketing department. And we kinda wish Briles had made an appearance at the end. Maybe yelling "Come get you some!" at the end. That would have been epic.

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