Arkansas State was penalized twice for wearing gray uniforms against Auburn

Arkansas State drew penalties at the beginning of each half in its visit to Auburn on Saturday night for its choice of uniforms.

The Red Wolves wore gray tops and black pants against Auburn, who wore its traditional navy blue tops and white pants. Not only were the gray jerseys a violation of the NCAA's rule requiring teams to wear contrasting colors, but the team's red numbers on the gray jerseys was also in violation of a new rule requiring that the numbers on the jerseys are clearly visible. (The red numbers did not have any contrasting trim -- it was black.)

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After the game, Arkansas State coach Bryan Harsin said it was his choice to wear the Adidas duds.


That was my decision," Harsin said.

When asked if he made the decision knowing it would lead to two penalties, the first-year coach shouldered more of the blame.

"I think that's something for our team and that was the decision I made and wouldn't change it," he said.

Arkansas State was penalized on the kickoff to begin each half. Auburn received 15 yards in the first quarter when it got the ball and was penalized half the distance to the goal when it got the ball to start the second half. Auburn won 30-9.


It's just a hunch, but the guess here is that Arkansas State will be rocking the white jerseys the rest of the year on the road this season when the home team is wearing team colors. 28 yards is a pretty severe punishment just to wear dark-colored jerseys. Though on the flipside, the unique infraction brings some notoriety to both Adidas and the school.

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