Arkansas guard Sebastian Tretola throws TD pass against UAB (Video)

Dr. Saturday

An offensive lineman getting a touchdown in a goal-to-go situation is always fun. But when an offensive lineman throws a touchdown? That's just bonkers.

Against UAB on Saturday, Arkansas offensive guard Sebastian Tretola motioned into the backfield and threw an impressive touchdown pass off his back foot to Alan D'Appollonio for a 28-0 lead in the second quarter.

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We can't decide what was better: The spiral with great touch as he was moving backwards, or Tretola's composure in the face of pressure. Sure, an offensive lineman is going to be hard to tackle, but it's not like a guard gets much game experience throwing a football with defenders rushing towards him.

And did you notice where D'Appollonio started the play? He snapped the ball.

It's a great play, and it's one a team can have some fun with while leading by three scores. You just know that Arkansas coach Bret Bielema had been anxiously waiting for the opportunity to get one of his offensive linemen some glory.

Tetola was also congratulated by former Kentucky QB Jared Lorenzen. While at Kentucky, the "Hefty Lefty" was listed at 260 pounds but likely played near 300. If Lorenzen was previously the heaviest player to throw a TD in the SEC, he probably isn't any longer.

Arkansas won 45-17.

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