Alabama wants you to know exactly what your fat is doing while you work out (PHOTO)

Dr. Saturday

Alabama media was treated to a tour of the new weight room Wednesday and what some of them found was a sign that might have hit a little too close to home.

On one of the walls, nears the smoothie bar – yes, the weight room has a smoothie bar – is a sign that makes us all evaluate our midsections.

“Sweat is just your fat crying.”

OK, so it’s not Descartes, but it certainly paints a picture. A picture of that scene in the movie Fight Club where guys are collecting human fat to make soap.

I wonder if players have to touch this sign every time they go into the weight room? And I wonder if it’s greasy just to get the full effect?

Even now, as I’m eating a blueberry muffin from Starbucks, I’m seeing Alabama trainers standing underneath that sign shaking their heads.

OK Alabama, I get it. I’m sorry.

I guess we’ve seen what happens when you put this sign up instead of “Play Like A Champion Today.”

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