Alabama’s new uniforms look a lot like its old uniforms

Alabama is wearing new uniforms for its national championship game against Notre Dame, but you’d be hard-pressed to see how these uniforms differ from the ones the team usually wears.

Apparently, the change isn’t so much in the look, but the material.

It’s January and it’s 80 degrees in Miami. So, to beat the heat, these new Nike kits are part of the company’s Hypercool collection, which has mesh in various parts of the jersey to allow air to flow through the uniform keeping the wearer cool.

I like that Alabama didn’t get away from its tradition uniform and go with something crazy like metallic houndstooth helmets or something.

These new uniforms aren’t about flair, they’re about comfort and that’s probably most important to the guys who are wearing them.

You can see more pics of the uniforms at

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