Alabama commemorates ‘the game that counted’ in obnoxious T-Shirt form


It's been less than 16 hours since Alabama defeated LSU to win the BCS National Championship, and its marketing department is already rubbing it in.

The Alabama team shop is selling shirts that read, "We Won The Game That Counted," simultaneously rubbing the Tigers' noses in Monday night's blowout and discounting LSU's 9-6 overtime win in Tuscaloosa on Nov. 5. Ouch.

It's bad enough that Alabama completely embarrassed LSU in front of a heavily partisan LSU crowd in New Orleans, but now Tide fans can supply a constant 100 percent cotton reminder to their division rivals.

Can't blame Alabama for taking a couple shots. There was a lot of emphasis put on that first game — dubbed the "Game of the Century" — even though its loss there ultimately didn't matter when both teams wound up in the national championship game. In the end, the game that mattered was the BCS Championship because it gave Alabama the BCS title and swayed Associated Press voters to their side with a dominant performance.

Just waiting for LSU to come back with a shirt that reads, "At Least We Won the SEC Championship."

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