Alabama putting a (small) waterfall in its locker room

When you're the best college football program in the nation, how do you improve the experience for your players? Apparently, by adding a waterfall to the locker room.

The news of Alabama's new waterfall got out when quarterback prospect David Cornwell tweeted about it ("That waterfall in Bama's locker room is about to be legit! C'mon who has a waterfall.. No one!" he wrote). And in fairness, Twitter was pretty much invented so people could tweet about football teams installing a waterfall in the locker room, right?

Now here's where we get serious, but only for a second.

We asked Alabama spokesman Jeff Purinton, who confirmed that yes there's a waterfall coming in, but it's not a big deal. There will be a system that will allow water to fall over into the hot and cold tubs from a few feet, he said.

So yeah, they're not exactly building Tuscaloosa Falls in the Crimson Tide locker room.

Even though it's a nice little stream of water that will probably look nice and be very feng shui and in the long run is not a very big deal, we're going to just turn off reality and imagine this is AJ McCarron jumping into the Alabama hot tub after practice:

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