Alabama produces a collection of T-shirts commemorating the win over LSU

After a big win -- especially a rivalry win -- it's become customary for the winning school to create a T-shirt so its fans can commemorate the event.

Well, Alabama decided to take that a step further.

Instead of creating one T-shirt that celebrated the Tide's thrilling 21-17 come-from-behind win against LSU. It created six.

Yes, six.

So now, Alabama fans can taunt LSU fans nearly every day of the week — except Saturdays when they need to taunt the opponent of the day. It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

From telling LSU to "GET DOWN AND STAY DOWN" to declaring the Tide a "HOPE CRUSHER" to a simple "NO MORE ROAR," no fan collection is complete without an array of T-shirts (and one sweatshirt) punking your rival for not closing out an upset victory that would have ruined your season.

But even though Alabama won the game, and has the T-shirts to prove it, LSU still won the best T-shirt of the day.

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