Alabama player decides it’s a good idea to drop Missouri running back on his head late in win (VIDEO)

LaMichael Fanning shouldn't be too proud of this moment.

Alabama led 42-10 late in its game against Missouri when the freshman Crimson Tide defensive lineman went WWE on Missouri running back Russell Hansbrough, lifting him over his head and slamming him to the ground with a suplex that would fit well in any pay-per-view wrestling event.

It was vicious, totally uncalled for and drew a 15-yard penalty. Which it should have.

If you're the kind that agrees with the idea of an eye for an eye, what Missouri did next felt right.

The Tigers' offensive linemen basically stopped caring too much about assignments and technical football and just mauled Fanning. Two plays in a row. They got rough with him at the end of the first play and knocked his helmet off at the end of the second.

That was dirty too, but at least justified, and at the end of a loss like that it showed that Missouri was willing to stick up for a teammate that just got dropped on his head.

Hopefully it also teaches Fanning to show a little more class in the future.

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