Alabama’s Nick Saban reportedly banned ESPN from his players’ hotel rooms

Clichés are clichés for a reason, usually. Like when people crack jokes about Alabama coach Nick Saban being a control freak.

Because, when you think that it may be just a myth, something like this happens:

So, to borrow a joke that was made on Twitter a few dozen times, how did Alabama players get their NHL lockout news? And how did they know about Mike Shanahan's handling of RG3?

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Really, I'm not sure the point in all this. Alabama got to Florida for the game on Wednesday, and were cut off from ESPN in the last two days before the title game. Is it so Alabama players don't hear any nice things about themselves before the game? I'm sure they've heard plenty of compliments, considering they were defending BCS champs and went 12-1. Is it to avoid nice things being said about Notre Dame? Pretty sure they are smart enough to know Notre Dame is a good team too. Were Lou Holtz and Mark May going to throw them off their game plan? There's no logical explanation of how the players might be distracted from a game they've been concentrating on for a month straight by hearing people talk about the game.

Never mind, I've got it. Saban wanted to do whatever he could to make sure they didn't see "First Take." Smart move, and very humanitarian of him as well.

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