Alabama lawmaker proposes bill to bring back UAB football

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Alabama lawmaker proposes bill to bring back UAB football
Alabama lawmaker proposes bill to bring back UAB football

Alabama State Rep. Jack Williams, who on Monday called for the removal of UAB president Ray Watts, is currently working to get the Blazers football team reinstated.

Williams, proposed legislation late last week to require the University of Alabama System to have a football program at UAB as long as there is one on the main campus in Tuscaloosa.

More than 35 House members have signed on as co-sponsors of the bill.

Watts announced in December that UAB was ending its football, women’s bowling and women’s rifle programs due to a lack of funding. Since that announcement, there have been numerous protests in an attempt to bring the sports back.

Watts also has come under fire after released several documents that revealed Watts had already decided to disband the sports in September, despite claiming he didn't know their fates until November. One memo suggested UAB should wait until after the football season to announce the cuts to limit the in-season backlash.

Williams called for Watts' job after the documents were released.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is deception and treachery at its worst. Action must be taken,” Williams said.

Williams also filed legislation to restructure the Alabama Board of Trustees to give greater representation to the communities where the other three Alabama System campuses are located.

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