Alabama fans survive a plane crash and still make kickoff

College football fans go to some great measures to show their devotion to their teams, but four particular fans can actually claim they nearly died for their team.

Three Alabama fans, and one Auburn fan, who had been convinced to go to last Saturday's game against Ole Miss, were flying to the game in a twin-engine plane, when the motor gave out and the plane started losing altitude.

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"I really thought we weren't going to make it for a while. I'm ready to be with the Lord, but I've got a lot of family and stuff," John White-Spunner, one of the plane survivors, told Mobile, Ala., TV station NBC 15.

The group had planned to stop in Selma, Ala., for barbecue, but as they were descending, one of the engines gave out. A couple minutes later, the other started to sputter and the plane was falling fast 20 miles from the Selma airport and nothing but trees are far as the eye could see.

"Coming in we lost one of the motors. He tried to get it restarted. Couldn't really get it re-started," White-Spunner said. "I'm thinking, we're probably getting ready to die."

Luckily for the group, as the plane was plummeting at 100 miles per hour, White-Spunner spotted a dirt road and the plane, which had its fuel tank severed by a tree top, somehow made it to the ground. With fuel leaking profusely from the plane, the four got away unharmed.

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Some might say finding that dirt road was an act of a higher power, after all, it was Alabama crimson red.

A family, who had seen the plane go down and was expecting to find wreckage, rescued the quartet.

"They got out of their car, and everybody started hugging," Capt. George Arnold, who was piloting the plane, told the television station. "We got in a circle, and got on our knees and said a prayer to Jesus."

"It was really a miracle."

And in true fan fashion, the four men still made it to the game on time.

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